Aries the Scapegoat

I hate what generalist astrologers say about Aries.
Sure, I can be stubborn or adventurous or have leadership qualities, but I would hope that I don't have to dominate others or trample thier feelings or fight all the time.
I can't think of another star sign that gets as bad press as Aries does.
I hate the generalizations. It's one reason I won't read horoscopes anymore (the other reason being they're often the opposite of what I experience).
Pbbbbbttttt! :P


Anonymous said...

Acually, Pisces and Scorpio get dumped on a lot too!

Aileen said...

I would say that all astrological signs have the extremes that are, of course, used to describe a person. And of course, any characteristic described to the extreme is not a pretty or flattering sight.

Anne said...

Well, doing a bit of research on astrology.com, I'd say you're pretty close, Anonymous. Scorpio's was equally negative with Aries. Pisces was middle ground. I can see how wishy-washy could be perceived as negative, but they also seem self-less and giving, which are big virtues.
Aquarius, on the other hand, Aileen, seems a very positive sign.
I think that yes, every sign has positives and negatives, but some signs are perceived (or portrayed) as predominantly positive or predominantly negative. I think that comes from overgeneralization, but it *feels* like unfairness -- like Jews being characterized as avaricious or Arabs being charactarized as violent. Sure, there are some like that, but if you are one, you don't like being boiled down to a negative stereotype. Being boiled down to a positive stereotype is an equal generalization, but not so frustrating to get away from.

belsum said...

I would say that Leo gets the most bad press. Center of attention, spotlight hog, and all that.