My New Digs

As some of you know, my office moved to a new building. Here are photos of my new desk. It's pretty darn sweet. I don't have the deck outside my door, but there is a bigger and better courtyard out back. The desk itself is really long, so kind of difficult to utilize. I've designated one side as my work space, and the other side as my conferencing area. The main advantage are the big windows. The view out the big one is mainly of a small roof and a big tree (crab apple, I think, which may bloom any day). The view through the smaller one near my computer is of trees and sky and if I manuver just right, of the courtyard below. There isn't much traffic noise, except when helicopters go over (we're near several news stations). I have different roommates now, Mark and Rachel instead of Dee.
So far, I like it.

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