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I really enjoy reading about writing and publishing, mainly because it's a good procrastination technique when not actually writing my own stuff, but also because I can learn from it.
Recently I've discovered two blogs that are highly entertaining and highly educational.
I know not all my readers (maybe just one) are interested in writing, but this is a little peek into what interests me.
Miss Snark, the literary agent answers questions about submitting work and the ins and outs of the publishing world. She can be harsh at times, but it's rare for her to post without providing a useful insight. In fact, it was her blog that led me to the following one:
Evil Editor is just starting out - blogging that is. I assume he's been an editor for a while. He's currently doing a series of posts in which he is playing query-letter-balderdash with his readers. Of much more interest (in my opinion) is his series of query-letter "face lifts" that you can find if you go further back in his archives (end of April, beginning of May). In them, he posted real query letters he had received, along with his comments and a rewritten query letter. Reading them gave real insight into the thoughts of an editor. He has the potential to address the same material as Miss Snark, but from a different angle, and it'll be interesting to see how his blog develops. He is also highly entertaining, but a bit less evil than he purports to be.

And a discovery just today:
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database is a prosaic, but very interesting database of "speculative" fiction. I don't really know what that defines, but it seems to include everyone from Alexandre Dumas to Dan Brown. I think it's still under development as some authors are very well covered and some only have a few of thier novels listed. It is limited to long works, not short stories. It has the potential to be extremely thorough and useful, particularly what shows up on thier homepage: a list of upcoming books.

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belsum said...

Hmmm, I'm going to have to delve a bit further into that speculative fiction database. It could possibly be the greatest thing ever. And coincedentally, I just wrote a post about the alternate history I finished reading. Synchronicity!